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Empowering new heights for your business.

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Our Mission

We often find ourselves sitting on the edge of change.

The edge is the place where things happen, the place where things leap forwards.

We want to help your business reach new heights by adding Intelligence to your processes and machinery at the very  edge.

MYWAI™: Delivering Edge Intelligence for All.

We founded MYWAI during  2020 and 2021  when the  pandemics was hitting hard global supply chains and industrial set ups.

Suddenly the world realised that in the age of Internet of (every) Things  it makes no sense to send maintainers every time your equipment breaks down, ship spare parts once your machinery is halted or continue to pay systems when they are low in production.


This for all machinery, being it a manufacturing plant, a medical equipment or an energy appliance.

Rather it makes sense to connect your plants and systems to the Internet of Everything, securing and making it smart from the very edge, on deck, using chip based Artificial Intelligence and DLT certified datastreams.

MYWAI came to birth in the worst period for Industry over the last 100 years. We believe it's now here to ride the trend of manufacturing servitization for the next 100.


Our Story

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