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Our Projects

MYWAI EaaS and STS solutions have been used to date in several world leading clients and projects. Here you find a selection of latest achievements and outcomes.

(Robots as an Intelligent Services Ecosystem)


The RAISE™ project has been awarded to MYWAI™ by the EU H2020 RD Program TRINITY Robotics (Grant nr 825196) . RAISE™ aims to   develop a new Robots as a Service (RaaS)  Platform adding insurtech and fintech services to the prognostic maintenance algorythms developed during the MYWAI 4 Robotics demonstrator awarded during the first Trinity call.

The Project uses the Robotics OPC UA  Companion Spec developed by UMATI  and includes Edge AI company Neurtechnologijos™ and Insurtech startup YOLO™ together with  MITSUBISHI Electric™  as external sponsor for developing a working demonstrator of a RaaS platform version of MYWAI™. 

(Robotic Joints Calibration & Anomaly Detection)

MYWAI 4 ROBOTICS  project was awarded by  TRINITY Robotics under the   European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  (grant agreement No 825196) . The MYWAI 4 ROBOTICS™ demonstrator has been very successful  to start experimenting new forms of edge Intelligence using innovative sensors and chip based neural networks to deliver  innovative  anomaly detection algorithms at the very edge of industrial workfloors starting to demonstrate how running “Robots as a Service” from remote could become a “new normal” for the Industry.


(Satellite Augmented Container Tracking & Insurance Services for Food Supply in Action)

SAtis(f)Action project was awarded by ESA (the European Space Agency) to study the extension of the MYWAI STS with satellite based services.  In the study New generation satellite technologies (SatNav, SatCom, SatEO) are blended with the latest data intelligence and certification technologies (Edge AI, IoT and DLT) to offer next generation Remote Container Monitoring services (Monitoring-as-a-Service), hence increasing overall food supply chain safety and reliability, in the pursuit of the highest possible final customer “satisfaction”. 

The purpose of the project is to provide all users with services for the detection and prevention of food (and beverage) fraud by

tracing with the highest precision the position of the reefers containing perishable food

providing alerts whenever temperature or humidity exceeds allowed ranges, cargo falls and on unexpected door openings which are critical to prevent food frauds, also in case of transports in remote lands or in deep ocean

merging and certificating this information with other relevant shipping documents/certifications/forms and satellite information

These services shall be of high relevance for both Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in charge of the safety and of the operations of shipping, and for Insurance Service Providers (ISPs) who shall profit from the intrinsic certification of validity provided by Distributed Ledger Technologies on all the data available and exchanged between Parts and devices, throughout the INCOTERMS chain. Such data might as well include satellite, high-resolution images of the scene relevant to any eventual claim on the insured shipment/cargo


(PROgnostic Medical Equipment maintenance services ENabled by AI on DLT and EDGE)

The PromenAIde project was awarded by FILSE to apply the MYWAI EaaS solution for the prognostic maintainance of medical equipment (e.g. Ultrasounds)  by ESAOTE. 

The PromenAIde ™ Project (PROgnostic Medical Equipment maintenance services ENabled by AI on DLT and EDGE) was born from a project idea by MYWAI's company holding, knowhedge™  , addressing disruptive Innovation in Biomedical Equipment as a Service.

Supported by the supervision of the research laboratory of ESAOTE™, an Italian and European leader in ultrasound and magnetic resonance systems, affiliated to the Ligurian Life Sciences Pole (PLSV), the PromenAIde platform was created thanks to the significant skills contributed by the innovative startups belonging to the Polo SOSIA (Knowhedge™, Swhard™ and Innovina™) specialized in innovation in the Edge AI, IoT and Blockchain sectors and with the ability of "system integration" and operational support guaranteed by the Innovative PMI Zenatek™ SPA, then acquired by MYWAI™ SRL.

In the context of the PromenAIde™ Project,  MYWAI  created the solution and then generalized the concepts by placing its development part on the market under the MYWAI EaaS (Equipment as a Service) brand.

Liguria Regional Operational Program 2014 - 2020

Co-financed by F.E.S.R. - European Regional Development Fund

Axis 1 "Research and Innovation (OT1)"

Action 1.2.4

Call - "Support for the implementation of complex research and development projects for companies associated with research and innovation poles"

CUP: G22C21000270007

(POwer Industry Welding Equipment and Robots regulation using AI Data Enhancement and Certification Kits)

Welding quality assessment is an essential part of ensuring the safety, reliability, and durability of welded structures in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation.

Within this relevant context the POWERDECK™ (POwer Industry Welding Equipment and Robots regulation using AI Data Enhancement and Certification Kits) Project was awarded to MYWAI  by  the EU KITT4SME initiative  (


In the project MYWAI acted as leading partner contributing its expertise in Industry 4.0 readiness assessment and equipment servitization consultancy, industrial IoT sensors and edge devices design and implementation, besides advanced AI skills and know how in signal/image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning methods Other engaged partners were SDG Studio (, a specialized Industry 4.0 system integrator expert in open standards and protocols, and San Giorgio SEIGEN S.p.A. (, a world-leading welding services provider for the manufacturing of large power vessels, casings and components used by leading power industry general contractors such as Ansaldo Energia, Siemens Energy and Voith GmbH.

The POWERDECK™ Project was primarily focused on the assessment of welding processes outcomes through the AI-based real time detection of anomalies in the key welding parameters. To this end, the project aims at extending the technological framework developed by the KITT4SME initiative by integrating new AI models designed, developed, trained, and tested using the preexisting functionalities made available by the MYWAI Equipment as a Service (EaaS) platform. This integration is expected to enable the POWERDECK™ solution providing real-time insights “at the edge” of welding process, thus helping the early identification of potential issues and prevent defects in the final products.

The POWERDECK™ platform's ability to collect and analyze real-time welding data from sensors, welders, and the environment can provide invaluable insights to San Giorgio Seigen's welding teams. By monitoring key parameters like current, voltage, energy, wire feed speed, the AI models can detect subtle anomalies and potential defects early on. This proactive approach can prevent rework, reduce scrap rates, and ensure the production of consistently high-quality welds.

The POWERDECK™ Action has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, via an Open Call issued and executed under project KITT4SME (grant agreement № 952119).

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