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Edge Intelligence for All

Deliver Intelligence at the very edge of your equipment.


Take Your Business to Higher Grounds with Edge AI

Today delivering AI to your machines is like sitting on a mountain edge... You may take the right leap forward and jump to new heights. Or make the wrong move...

MYWAI is here to help you make your way to AI.

1.  Add Your Equipment online

MYWAI lets you add your machine sensors or add new external  esosensors to connect your equipment online.

2. Stream Time Series & Images

MYWAI lets you visualise all your sensor time series and production images online, process them and prepare them for edge AI.

3. Manage your MLOPS  Workflows

MYWAI lets your Subject Matter Experts label smart data and image regions of interest for creating consensus and training your AI algos.

4. Deliver AI  at the  Very Edge

MYWAI lets you deliver your trained algos on cloud, fog, edge or very edge using FPGA and ASIC based Neural Networks.







Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

MYWAI lets you manage your industrial equipment as a service delivering edge intelligence where needed, when needed.

The MYWAI suite comes with two platforms, one, the MYWAI EaaS (Equipment as a Service)  platform has been conceived for empowering Edge Intelligence on any machinery and appliance  in Industry 4.0 scenarios and the other, the MYWAI STS (Supply Tracking Solution), conceived for tracking  shipments to any part of the world, from large containers & reefers to small packages shipped in any part of the World.

Once deployed both MYWAI Solutions provide actionable insights for adding prognostic maintainance,  shipment tracking, parametric insurance and pay per use fintech services to any machine and appliance, making your equipment smarter.

We Help Our Clients Deliver Intelligence at the Edge



Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Contact us. We will study your equipment, analyse your processes and propose new Industry and Supply Chain 4.0 solution, based on the MYWAI Suite Models.

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