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MYWAI Opens AI Research lab in the Silence BAY

MYWAI opens a new research hub funded by Knowhedge, Zenatek SPA, Ligurcapital SPA and other private investors in the Sant Andrea Abbey in the MediaTerraneo technopark in the Silence Bay of Sestri Levante (North Western Italian Riviera), one of Europe's nicest blends of Innovation and Smart Working settings where quality of life and research may co-exist and advance together.

MYWAI's mission will be to bring the power of Edge Artificial Intelligence and Smart IoT to all by

conceiving, designing and developing new services and products using highly disruptive technologies such as Chip Based Artificial Neural Networks, the Industrial Internet of Things, Edge Computing new blockchain topologies and Cybersecurity by design.

Mywai will be implementing leading RD projects won by its founders in the fields of Industry and Supply Chain 4.0, Biomedical Medtech solutions, Greentech, Emertech & Circular Economy, Smart Cities & Smart Mobility.

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